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Campas Map



★ Administration Office for Divisions of Applied Life Sciences and Food Science and Biotechnology
      (Faculty of Agriculture main Bldg. 1F N-130)
(1) Front gate
(2) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.1 / Graduate School of Biostudies
(3) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.2
(4) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.6
(5) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.3
(6) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.4
(7) Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences
(8) Radioisotope Research Center (Annex)
(9) Faculty of Science Bldg. No.5
(10) Faculty of Agriculture main Bldg.
(11) Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS)
(12) Yukawa Hall
(13) Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
(14) Botanical Garden
(15) Experimental Farm
(16) Sports Ground
(17) Graduate School of Agriculture / Graduate School of Biostudies Bldg.


Administration Office for Division of Applied Life Sciences, Graduate School of Agriculture, 
Kyoto University
Kitashirakawa-oiwake-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
TEL:+81-75-753-6100, FAX:+81-75-753-6128